Laminate Installation

Laminate floor coverings are specially manufactured to be long-lasting, and they mostly consist of four layers. At the bottommost is a backing layer providing stability and moisture resistance. Next is a core layer made from HDF or MDF for durability. The visible design or decorative layer features ultra-realistic colors and textures through leading-edge advancements in digital imaging technology. Lastly, the translucent overlay provides up to five times the scratch resistance in comparison with hardwood finishes. Altogether, these layers form an extremely durable, stable, cost effective, and elegantly looking floor covering.

Incorporating laminate flooring into your home, office, or commercial space will provide the look of tile or hardwood, sans the required maintenance and cost of a wood or stone based floor covering. In many circumstances, a laminate floor covering can be installed over your existing flooring, which saves you money and time. A laminate floor also does a lot to enhance the entire appearance of your home. A lot of our clients are pleasantly surprised at just how perfectly the laminate flooring complements their home’s entire decor.

Oregon Tie carries an extensive range of laminate flooring options for residential and commercial needs. We are pleased to offer premium grade laminate flooring products from leading manufacturers, such as Quickstep, Mannington, Paramount, Balterio, and others. Our laminate flooring specialists will assist you in finding the most suitable texture, color, and design for your lifestyle.  Our free in-home professional consultation service allows you to make laminate and other floor covering choices in the comfort of your home. We can bring a variety of pattern and color samples so you can make a well-informed decision.

Oregon Tie is also proud to be the leading source for professional laminate floor covering installation services, providing superior quality results available in the Portland region and the surrounding areas. Laminate floor covering is an ideal option for many applications owing to its ease of maintenance, stability, durability, and affordable pricing.

Proper installation can help guarantee longevity to your laminate flooring. Our professional installers have many years of experience in the flooring industry. We are fully equipped to provide every customer with superior craftsmanship and excellent service, and we will continuously strive for excellence in customer satisfaction! We understand that wood floor moldings or transition pieces are important and integral to your installation. Take note, laminate flooring is exceptionally easy to maintain compared to most other floors like carpet.

No matter how complex the job is, we make every effort to help achieve your goals fast by providing easy and quick installation of laminate floors. We cater for all styles of installation, according to your specification, and we are fully devoted to ensuring that you get the best results. As professionals, we have the right knowledge and proper tools to enable us to perform the installation services better. We stand behind our work and guarantee that the installed floor will last for generations to come. You can rely on us and start by filling out the contact form on the right to schedule an in-home expert consultation or request a free estimate.