Best and Most Durable Flooring Options For Your Garage

A multi-coat resinous system is one finest garage floors that can be laid in a home. Such a coating includes a mixture of 100% polyurethane, solids epoxy or polyurea/poly aspartic coatings. This kind of flooring is widely used in restaurants, warehouses, professional mechanics garages, manufacturing plants and showrooms. The unique finish is three to ten times stronger than the concrete finishing depending on the coating combination you choose with most manufacturers offering a lifetime warranty for the product.

durable garage flooringSome garage floorings are stain proof; water resistant, resistant to highly corrosive chemicals, road salts as well as chips from dropped objects. Additionally, they are easy to clean and look beautiful. There are many colors to choose from, including custom paint chip colors, and different aggregate colors for mixing on the floor.

As great as a high-quality garage floor coating is, it has some drawbacks to consider. If your concrete floor is stained or needs extensive crack fillings and repairs, it becomes costly to install. Such a floor coating does not do well if you are located in a humid area. Hydrostatic pressure from moisture can cause the coating to peel off, at times taking pieces of the concrete with it.

Polypropylene tiles

If you require a robust and spectacular floor, easy to install by yourself and economical, then interlocking floor tiles are an excellent choice for a busy garage. They are also an outstanding choice if you have a previous problem relating to your slab. These polypropylene tiles are very sturdy, easy to clean, resistant to stains and come in a multitude of fantastic shades to customize and design a beautiful looking garage surface. Some manufacturers have warranties of ten years or more, and they are easy to install. A small garage can be finished in a few hours.

Interlocking tiles

One of the aspects that make this flooring type unique is the hollow core underside. In case you have moisture issues with your garage surface, this particular tile allows for air-drying from beneath, which avoids mildew and mold problems. It additionally makes for good drainage when driving in a wet vehicle from the rain, being a great buffer to cool concrete below. It provides for some anti-fatigue properties. Interlocking tiles can easily hide cracks in the concrete and move along the contours of the floor. Pulling and rolling jack stands, jacks, and tool boxes are not much of a big deal on this type of a floor. The installation is only $2 to $5 per square foot. Unlike many other flooring options in the garage, they are economical than other professionally installed floor coatings.

On the other hand, common complaints with this flooring type are the click-clack sound they make when walked on, and its inability to absorb noise in an empty garage. They also show dusty footprints with the cheapest brands being harder to clean.

Porcelain tiles

If you do not have issues with moisture in your garage, then we can vouch for a porcelain tiled floor garage. Unbelievably, this flooring type is extremely durable, luxurious and has been gaining popularity over the last few years. Many individuals who have used this tile in their garages would argue that it is the preferable garage flooring one would install. It is resistant to chemicals, stains, road salts, impacts, and water. Mechanics garages, manufacturing plants and drive through porticos are only some of the areas where porcelain tiles are used.

One of the drawbacks of porcelain tiles is that some selections can be slippery when wet, and grouting between tiles becomes dirty if not properly sealed. An expert contractor can install this flooring option for $2 to $4 per square foot, depending on your location. If you know how to install this tile, it would be the most economical and most durable flooring option. Therefore, this is why the tile has an honorable mention for the best garage flooring option.